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Need FSM directions for diff bearing set-up

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I need to do the bearing preload on a rear differential. I can't use the original shims as they got mysteriously damaged(that means melted) when I was torching off the stub shaft with a stripped torx bolt*. Does anybody have the FSM describing this for the R160 diff? The actual unit is from an 89 but I doubt that is overly significant.

Thanks, Brad


* the acetylene torch is not a good tool for this task. Next time I'll stick to the trusty sawzall.

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Many Thanks Craig!


That looks like a fun job. Looks like I'll need to take off my shoes to get into some serious math. Lets see "Nought times Nought is Nought! Nought times one is Nought,,,Aw hell,,,All this math makes me hungry,,,Granny!!!!"

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