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No more eating wheel bearings for me!

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I finally got to the alignment shop, had them tell me it was screwed, but they were willing to move the strut tower lift blocks to get rid of some of the positive camber on the front pass side, and the weird thing is after moving things inward about an inch, he said according to his machine, we really gained next to nothing ... however, I can look at it just be eye-ball, and see that it's vastly improved, infact, it has less positive camber now than the drivers side! :banana:


Now I just need to take a hammer to the driver's side and match it :drunk:


I just hope that the new place I'm taking it too will be much better with the alignment ... I can't imagine why his machine showed no differance after moving the strut tower inboard nearly an inch ... at least now I can drive it not worrying about turning the bearings into gravel in 2 mon :headbang:

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