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2002 Subaru Outback Automatic Transmission Problems

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Just ruling out a computer problem. Manually shifting the car overrides the computer.


Have you checked the tranny fluid level and condition?

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I myself did not check the tranny fluid but the dealership did. Basically I was told that when the technician checked the fluids, he found that the tranny was low and the Gearbox was overfilled so he drained the Gearbox to the correct level and filled the tranny fluid to the correct level. After that he took the car out for a drive and it was driving fine. Once he got back to the shop, the fluids levels were checked again and he found the tranny fluid level was low and the differential fluid was high leading to the conclusion that the seal between the diff and trans was bad and the fluids were mixing.

BTW I very much appreciate your answers since I am quite worried and at this point need as much advice I can get on what to do next.

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