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1. whats a normal idle speed on a 93 fwd impreza 5-speed ..i had a mechanic replace my timing belta few weeks ago and everything seemed fine untill today i started to hear the gargle noise from the engine not always...but once in a while since i deliver chinese food haha:banana: im constantly gettin in and out of my car while the engine is running so i can hear the differences...


and whats it take to go in there and replace the seals and all that stuff...when my bearing blew up i had a mmechanic look at the car and find the problem...when he told me the bearing was shot i told him to replace the belt too...only thinking about getting my car back i forgot to ask him to replace the seals and sh*t and i didnt wanna ask him to replace the pumps cuz he was kinda working with my finicially the way it was..can i take the covers off and "inspect" things myself or would i have to screw with the timing belt and prolly throw something off?



2. i wanna replace my clutch...but i've never done it before anyone out there wanna make a couple of bucks and help a young lad install a clutch kit im new to most mechanics but i understand common sense and could prolly do it myself if i use a manuel and some tips but i dont wanna mess anything up with the adjustments and burn my clutch..... not gonna do it any time soon cuz were definately in winter yet...but possibly this summer when i get more money to pay for it and the weather is nice

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Your car should idle around 700-800 rpm's I imagine.


To replace the seals you would hafe to do the while timing belt again, the cam and crank sprockets hafe to come off to get at them. If they are leaking badly you will see oil seeping through the timing belt cover


The "gurgle" noise, I really have no idea. I'll take a guess and say something to do with the coolant.


Never done a clutch before so someone else will hafe to take this.



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