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I was wondering if someone could give me an idea what to look for in terms of wiring and connector colors underneath the heated seats. I have a 98 OB that had the seats replaced due to water damage but dont appear to be connected to the switches. I do have wiring under the seats and I do have one connector(blue)under the console that mates up with one switch. I'm beginning to think (the carpeting was replaced also) that whoever did the installation of the seats never ran the cabling properly. Also my wiper motor which wasn't working decided to start running(no wiper movent) on its own with the switch turned off! I've disconnected it for now. Looks like I need a new wiper motor. Thanks for the help.

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Its been awhile since I pulled the seat heater switches from my OBW to replace a bulb in one of them. I can't recall if the plugs to the 2 switches were the same configuration or not. If they were, is it possible that you have hooked up the seat heater switch to the incorrect seat, meaning that you turned on the passenger's seat heater? Unless there was a passenger in the seat, you wouldn't know it was on. All of the wiring plugs and connectors are designed so that they can only plug into the switch or unit that they are supposed to run. You can't normally connect them up incorrectly. If you only can see one wiring harness plug under the console for the switches to connect to, the other seat's harness plug must be up under your newly installed carpet somewhere. You'll have to pull out the seats to find it, and may even have to remove part of the centre console as well. The seats are just in with four bolts, and there should be only one wiring harness plug under the passenger seat (for the seat heater), and at least 2 under the driver's seat (one or two for the power seat, whether you have that option or not, and one for the seat heater). As for your wiper motor, I don't have an answer for you on that one. Good Luck!

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