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1986 GL-10 rear axles into GL???

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Hey all,


I've been skulking around soaking up all the great info on this site for a couple weeks now. Meant to post to the meet and greet first but... an opportunity has presented itself...


I'm driving an '86 GL D/R Wagon, stock but for an Accel coil and plenty of bumps and scratches. My rear axle (or axles? diff?) have been clanking and clanging around ever since I bought the car. I have an opportunity to buy an '86 GL-10 4X4 sedan (auto trans) for parts. Will the axles and/or diff from the GL-10 swap into my GL wagon with no mods? Or am I dreamin'?


Thanks for any and all responses.



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Ummm try tightening the rear axle nuts. I had an 88 Gl wagon and it turned out that the right rear axle nut was loose. The rear suspensions tend to squeak alot after 200K it seems. (I swear mine has no bushings left)


Where about are you in the valley??


There are alot of us in portland area and albany area too.


Beaverton OR here :D

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