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I am trying to fim an intermittant problem with the radio (no sound)...when I tap teh radio it works briefly then nothing---could be any number of issues but thats not the issue I need help with,


I have removed the shift stick cover and the ash tray and the little storage bin (2 screws)....I began to pop off the trim peice that surunds that area and around the two centre vents....but it will not budge near to the left of the ashtray area....are there any screws on that piece of plastic? Sor far all I have seen are clips that press fit....I have not pulled anymore because I do not want to snap the plastic.


Any help appreciated.



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Those diagrams are spot on. You will need to remove the two screws in the top of the ashtray (look in it then look up) in order to budge the left hand side off. Good luck!



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