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EA82 5SP into EA81 Notes of interest:

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i just finished a "86 GW wagon EA82 5sp into a "86 EA81 hatchback conversion. couple things i wanted to mention here that arent mentioned in other writeups. these are things that i simply noted on with my hatch conversion. they may not apply to all conversions.


1) you need to use the EA81 tranny mounts in the EA81 tranny crossmember. you cant use the EA82 mounts because they are the wong angle. unbolt the mounts from the 4 speed and bolt them on the 5 speed.

2) the floor will need to be cut farther out towards the rear of the vehicle in the trans hump for the shifters. i just welded a 1" piece of flat stock across the hole and drilled through that and the shifter mount and bolted them together. then i "hot-knifed" the old rubber mounted rear mount off. the new mount that i made made the shifting a LOT more positive. no rubber to squish around

3) MAKE SURE to bash up the trans tunnel. the top of the tranny WILL hit. i need to go back and cut some spots out cause the whole car vibrates with the trans now. it hit towards the rear of the tranny on mine. the front clears fine.

4) when you grind out the opening on the bottom of the bellhousing, you will also need to get rid of the tin inspection plate. that is what drags the most on the flywheel.

5) starter to flywheel interface is the same with both flywheels and both starters. the two flywheels are about 3/16" difference in height of each other but i tried both starters and both work fine. no ginding involved there.

6) bellhousings match up perfectly. no differences there either.


hope this helps any further questions.

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