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I recently swapped out the climate control panel on my '90 Legacy. None of the buttons on my old one were doing anything (defrost, heat, vent, etc). They one I bought used didn't have quite the same wiring harness and the wires didn't have the same color coding. I was able to adapt in so that everything works EXCEPT the slider bar to control the air temperature now does nothing. The slider connects to a little cable and I can feel that is connected by grabing it where it snakes just under the glove box and pulling it, I can see the slider/temp control move....so, the cable is connected but even in the all the way "hot" position, nothing but really cold air............what the heck did I do? Help?

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crap...I think I found my answer...when I was reconnecting the temperature control cable I don't think I put back that little clamp as it was a HUGE pain to get to.....ugh...I have to tear apart my dash again....Whaddaya think? Is that my culprit?

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