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Well sad to say we no longer have any Subaru’s in the immediate family.

After a long a draw out battle with Subaru over my 96 airbags faulty deployment (long story) we wanted something newer and with working airbags for my 90 mile daily commute.


After much deliberation and test driving newer outbacks, foresters and other vehicles, we decided on a 4th generation Toyota 4 Runner.

We wanted something that could pull our pop up camper and this would have been a stretch for our 96 or any other Subaru.

This generation of runners has both 4wd Hi/Lo and AWD and with the VVT-I engine (variable timing) I have been getting 24 mpg so not much difference from my roo. :brow:



Having owned 10 Subaru’s over the years so I will never say never again, but for the now I am roo less. My brother-in-law has his 91 and since I am the default family mechanic I will work on his time to time as needed.

This is a great message board with lots of great info and people. I will still check in from time to time and give my .02 when I can help. :clap:

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Thats okay, you'll always be a Subaru owner at heart. That counts as much as anything else.


Keep in touch, we know you'll be back as soon as your "Subaru dry spell" passes :)

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