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dead fan clutch quick fix (look out for pix)

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on a recent road trip I had my fan clutch die. it was only 50k miles old. well It was a pain trying to find the last one and sure enough no parts stores in Tuscon AZ had any let alone good listings.


I decided that a electric fan was gonig to be my best bet.


I picked up a 12" hayden fan at the local checker parts store. to thier credit they were at least helpfull there unlike the ones around here.


removed the old fan assy.

reinstall bolts and then attach the new fan.

I wired it up using a fuse and a relay to come on any time the car is running. If I keep it that will need to be improved with a temp switch.


another forseable problem is increased dificulty in acessing the front of the motor.

I dont recomend this as the "best" fix. But it may get you out of a jam.



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That's cool. I know the fan clutches are pretty expensive.


I wonder if the stock temp switch controlling the fan is heavy-duty enough to control two. Maybe you could hook it up to a relay to run your second fan. Just a thought.

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or just take off the engine dirven fan, and don't put anything on, just like no ac setup


my purfectly fine fan is happily sitting on the shelf where it will stay, unless $old :clap:

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