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thinking of re-painting rx

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this time with INDUSTRIAL ENAMEL


the rust keeps spreading, stripes were rust-oleum, paint looks kinda crappy, cracking


will probably keep the color scheme with gloss white body, aluminum for the gray bits, and MF red for the stripes, and a gloss black hood


current paint http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=44427


paint supplier http://vansicklepaint.com/mntvsinden.html about $20 a gallon at the farm store


any idea how much paint would be needed?

coverage is approximately 400-450 sq. ft. per gallon

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I was thinking about painting my Gl-10 also. with normal size cars a galon should do. It only gets bad when you screw up or want alot of coats then you could run out. I think a normal base coat repaint is three coats of paint.


I also have rust and I was going to probly por15 my under side but I don't know yet. I have rust by the back rear sub mounts ( I think thats what they are called, the rear end bolts up here) and was going to weld in metal and cover this up.

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2 stage paint, 2 qts color and 2 qts reducer will yield a gollon of sprayable color should be able to cover the car, door jams, and trunk area. unless your going for some heavy coating, single stage paint, you should just need a gallon of this, no clear coat required medium gloss finish unless you really go all out color sanding.


im doing the rattle can spray job on mine... (my are hurts from color sanding) and some of those rust converters seem to do well... i only had a few spots though..





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