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Ok 2 week review of my 81 DL... Smokey...


The Bad....

she smokes first thing in the morning (Blue)

She Needs brakes.

New Belts..

Broken Seats...

Noisy/Bumpy Ride...



The Good..



just goes like a bat out of ****

Goes thru any thing..


All in all its a great ride...

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Sounds about the same as my GL after a few months on the road.

Original nickname- Silver Sue

Current nickname- Leaky Sue

Exhaust leak (massive and multiple)

Randomly blows heater hoses

Intake gasket leaks

Valve covers leak- bad

Valve seals leak

Oil pump leaks

Oil pan leaks

Transmission leaks onto cat, stinks.


Actually, it sounds like your is in better shape than mine :(

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