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Hi folks,


I'd like to get my sister one of those AM/FM/Weather Band/Cassette/6 CD radios for her 96 Legacy Outback wagon for Christmas... (Right now she's got a AM/FM/Cassette).


I see lots of them on ebay, etc, pulled from later model Foresters, Legacies and WRX's - but how can I know which ones will fit? Do all 96 Outback wagons have both connectors (I guess that means double DIN) necessary for hooking those up? Unfortunately, I don't have access to her car so I can't take the cassette player out to look.



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I would think that your 96 would be the same as my 97 OB, but I don't know that for a fact.


I put one of the 6CD/tape/radio units in my car. Plugged right into the connector. It was the Panasonic model P123. I don't know if the one that has the weatherband on it is different or not.


Several of us have done this. Works well. Not hi-end, but suits me just fine.



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Last December I took a single CD/AM/FM/Cass/WB radio from a 99 OBW and put it in my 96 OBW that had a AM/FM/Cass and the little cubby hole underneath the radio. It was a perfect fit and plugged right in.


I do not have experience with the 6 CD player. I don't think the radios from the Foresters and Imprezas (00 and later) have the clock in the radio so in the 96 OBW you will loose the clock function. Forestors and WRX owners could answer that.


On the old board there was a archived thread that had pictures of the connections, sizes, DIN, double DIN and all sorts of radio issues. Legacy 777 is the unofficial "answer man" with sound issues (IMHO) and may be able to direct you to the site with the photos.


I will admit I am a weather geek, but even if you aren't the weather band is kinda cool.


Good luck,


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Hi Greg,


Thanks for the advice. I think the way you went would be the way for me to go. I know 95-99 Outback radios are interchangable, and the 6 CD function is not really that important. So I'll aim to find one of those radios. WB is a definite attraction.


I'll also see if I can't find that archived thread (might that be moved here) - that would be a big help.


Thanks again.

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