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from AWD to front wheel drive: gas mileage

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Hi folks,


I am new to the board and have a question. Please let me know if the question is in the wrong spot.


All automatic Subarus have a fuse under the hood so you can take the car out of all wheel drive and put them into just front wheel drive. This is added (as far as i can tell) to allow the car to be safely towed -- which is why standard transmission vehicles don't have it.


I want to know if it is safe to put my impreza in 2 wheel drive during the summer months to save on gas mileage, and if it is safe, i want to know how much it might save as far as gas mileage goes.


any input is much appreciated.

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you won't notice any difference in gas mileage. all the weight and internal parts associated with the transmission are still there and moving. i've done it on auto's and manuals even to the point of removing the rear driveshaft connected to the trans. not even a "little" difference in my experience.


there's a button you'll notice with a drop down menu it says "search" on it. if you want more information this has been asked many times so there's a good amount of discussion about it.


as a general question this applies to both newer and older generation but your car is an impreza, this would be considered a "new" generation and impreza specific stuff is in that forum.

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