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Pine Barrens Parts exchange list Last call!

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OK What am I bringing and for you folks?


Dennis-Brat bumper and ?????I'd better check my email


Who else?


And as best as I can recall I'm getting a wheel from Dave and maybe a tranny from Steve....anyone else?Might have enough for Rory's wheels too....I hope.If not I'm good for it.


Thanks guys.

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Dennis,wasn't it something else?I'm not even sure I have a rear EA82 bumper.Should have at least one front.Also,which style?The flat deck for wagons or the raised ends(also wagon) and then there's another style to isn't there?(Sedans and coupes?)


You're welcome to call my cell phne from 8:30-10PM tonight or email,post and I'll check before bed tonight....and a quick check in the AM before blasting off.

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