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timming after weber install

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Just wondering if any of you that put webers on had to change ignition timming? If so what did you set it at. When i had the hicrappy carb on my 86 4x4 ea82 i could advance it way up ( only way it ran right) now with the weber 32/36 tuned in if i have it set where i had it for the hicrappy the valves ratte like a snake but if i turn it way back it dosent rattle but im losing some power up hill. Plan on getting timming light tommorow but would like to know where to set it for weber? Thanks

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Set the weber idle speed at around 700 RPM, and set the timing so that 1. It doesn't ping under load, and 2. Doesn't diesel when you shut it off.


Should be right around 7 or 8 degrees. Mine is set at 7 due to milled heads = higher compression.



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