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HELP!! Need Loyale Headlamp cleanup info!!

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I live in Massachusettes. I'm trying to get my 1992 Loyale Wagon to pass Mass inspection! The inspector guy gave me a brake... and told me I need to clean up the moisture that has collected behind my drivers headlamp! I know this IS a classic Loyale problem! I don't want to replace the headlamp! ANYONE got a good fix for removing this moisture that creeps in! I've done this before with mixed results! Their must be a good way to do this!!!


Many thanks to you ALL!!!!



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take the (halogen)bulb out.


if the bulb is uot it may dry out. if you can get the whole headligt out you can bring it inside and put it next to a heat source to dry out

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I had the same problem with my 92 Loyales headlights.

Here's the way I fixed it...


1. disconnect the bulb and remove it from the lense assembly.

2. remove the headlight assembly from the car

3. use 90% rubbing alachol to "clean" the inside of the lens. You can pour in and drain the alachol through the light-bulb hole.

4. use a hair dryer (or low pressure air hose) to dry the inside of the lense.

5. use some clear GE silicone to re-seal the glass to the metal on the lense.

6. Let dry

7. reassemble.


Now... providing your light bulb holder still has a good gasket on it, there should be no more moisture problems. If not get a new O-ring to re-seal the bulb into the lense assembly.





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