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FXD Headlight! What's that Canister do???

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First of all thx for all the posts about getting rid of the moisture in my headlights!


What I finally did was,.... use a vacuum cleaner attachment thing I had hanging around. It's made for vacuuming computers. It reduces the size of the attachment. It has a rubber hose that I was able to sneak in after I pulled the bulbs out. I did this while I kept the headlights mounted in the car. I didn't want to bother with taking them out, then dealing with their correct alignment. Anyhow....I just vacuumed the moisture of with my Electrolux! WARNING! I know that it's probably a couple of tablespoons of water, but it's probobly not good for the vac, I have a donor vac I used!


Anyhow, when I did this. I had to remove the battery on one side. The other side I had to get the weird cannister with the vacuum(?) hoses that come into it, and one that goes out of it and down the chassis. (Passengers side.)What IS this?? Does that hose that goes down just vent? Or does it attach to anything,....because it doesn't attach to anything anymore!!


Many thanks all!!! SubeeTed

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It's the carbon canister. I think it works like this: It catches the fuel vapors when the car is off. then it injects the vapors back into the intake when the engine is running. Some have just a filter on the bottom, others have a tube like you described. I think there's like, 3-4 hoses going to and from the canister.

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