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BBS wheels! for OLD SCHOOL!

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right, i know that this is a major bump! but the wheels off the WRC, i had the very same thoughts going through my head, and they look damn close in the flesh, because ive seen these puppies at the prodrive engineering workshops in banbury oxfordshire, about a 2 hour drive from me, at one of the open days once when i went with the old man and the second on the colin mcrae tribute run, think i know what my next enquirey is gonna be, as i originally enquired about an apprecaship there, and you need lots of quals before you can get there! so guess what im planning to do for my next college? lol


would be one different suby for sure after i got a set of them bad boys on it :clap:


would be a result! see what i can find! but from what i can guess, its cheaper probably to get your own hubs with custom stud pattern made up, something i would give a bash, how hard can it be :P

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Those BBS wheels would be sweet. I think if I decide to get some aftermarket wheels for the Draggin' Wagon, I will more than likely go with the 14 X 6s(White powdercoat) from Scorpion Subaru, or if I am feeling really froggy, do a 5 lug conversion, as it opens up the doors to numerous possibilities. But I am seriously considering the Scorpion Subaru wheels though given their price($185AU/wheel = $119.22USD/Wheel). The only thing that might wear a hole in the ol' pocketbook is the price for shipping from Australia to Texas. That might be the deal breaker right there. Check them out @:http://scorpionsubaru.com/index.html



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