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1092 bulb amperage? Taillight or stoplight bulb ...

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... the single filament kind. I need to know how many amps they draw. I tested on on a 12V multimeter, but the meter goes only to 1.5 amps. Pegged it, so it could be anything from 2 amps up. None of the packaging rates the amps, or watts (so I can't even calc using Ohms law).


I have a 10 amp breaker on the lighting circuit I'm wiring up in my homebuilt airplane. It has three 1092s and a strobe that draws 4 amps.


The damn breaker switches are $28.00 each, and I don't have room in the panel for another breaker.


Anyone know?




Well, it's not Subaru, but a Lycoming IS a flat-four. :rolleyes:

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Im not sure about what a 1092 bulb is, but the standard indicator bulb with the single contact bayonet base is usually a 12v/21watt, current draw when lit theoretically 1.6 amps each at 13v but probabaly a lot higher initially. I think you will be on the limits of youre breaker.

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