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WANTED: New Generation Guinee Pigs....:)

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Hello, All......


I am in need of New and Old Gen car Bodies to take measurements off of.....


I will begin building all my Cool New Gen Bumpers and Stuff after the First of November, and For some of the Things I will need a Car here to build off of....


I am in Eugene, Oregon and If a Weekend was Doable for someone, I have room to camp at my place....?


If anyone is Looking for Some Nice Looking and Very sturdy Bolt on Hardware For their car, I'd Make a Good First time deal If I could have the Use of your car for a Few days to a week......


I am going to be in Need of an :


OutBack Wagon and Sedan,


Impreza Sedan and Wagon,


Legacy Wagon and Sedan....


Baja If I can find one...:)


any 2004 Vehicle......????


I will concentrate My builds to Bumpers, A-bars, Skid Pan Protection, and Swing out Tire/Gas Carriers.......


If interested , I will also be Building Larger capacity Roof-Rack Systems.....But will need to look at a few Rides first...


If Any one is interested in being part of My Test Bed Project, Please E-mail and Call me both, so I have a good idea of What I will be playing with first......


Thanks In Advance, John in Oregon.....





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