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Elroy Jetson

Any Way to get New Vacuum Advance?

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The pricing is pretty good, they quoted me like $45 or something like that to swap mine, although I had to pay to ship the dizzy up to them; ended up just getting a good one out of the junkyard.

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Just for Info: I swapped the double hose vacuum advance from my Weberized EA82, for a Single Hose Vacuum Advance of another subaru model, I don`t know exactly which one, maybe it was a EA81... I found it cheap at the Dealer :eek: ... It moves Faster to the advance point and did fit exactly the dist. So the car accelerates Faster...


Maybe my idea can help you... Just take the one on your car and compare it with the other subarus one at stores or junkyards, whatever... it seems like they fit each others... I`m not absolutely sure, but it works for me.


Good Luck! :)

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