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Which ATF filter gasket to get???

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hi all,


I want to change ATF fluid as well as the filter but I have a small problem deciding which filter, gasket to get. I noticed that there are two different sizes for a `95 Legacy... here's the link so you can see better what I'm talking about:




can I find somewhere on the car which one I have? or do I need to get under the car and meassure it?


also, what type and brand ATF do you recomend???

thanks a lot



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To be quite honest, the older transmissions just had a screen, and no filter. The screen is in the pickup piping. Usually they stay pretty clean unless your tranny is eating itself up....in which case replacing the screen is the least of your worries.


I'd really just recommend draining the fluid without removing the pan. If you want to remove the pan, I'd recommend calling your local subaru dealer and see if they can decipher which one you're supposed to have. Typically they should be able to determine which one you need by the production date of the vehicle.

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