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Having some offroading fun

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i think the funny part is that i did the same thing before i got to your post. but in slow motion.


you flash nerd :-p

it's funny.. you can see the passenger's arm tenseing up when they bounce ;)

now i'm going to have to go make it do a flip or something :eek:

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That worked fine for me. I eventually got smart, and found if I could air the spare down to 15 psi I could just barely squeeze it in the donut slot. No more goofy FWD fuse!


I jumped my old camry once by accident, there was a broken warning sign that I didnt think anything of. For a railroad crossing. It humped up for the railroad then came back down immediately, I bottomed the front end out, the recoil then went to the back and it bottomed it out, then there was still enough force for the front to bottom out again.


Pay attention if there is a pole in the middle of now where folks!

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the gen 1 wagon is pretty small, about the size of a gen 2 hatch, if I had more room then it wouldn't be in the way when I'm hauling stuff


I'd like to get a swing arm to mount it to but I'd have to mount the plate on the wheel because there isn't enough room between the tail light and the plate for the wheel

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