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Ultimate EA81 Axels?

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yeash,they are the shiznit.....i am not a hrdcore offroader with my soob yet....but i come across some really mean job sites actually.and have definitely run them flexed for quite a ways,and beat them,and munched them,and,and.......so i am a firm believer in them defiinitely.

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EA82 joints will not fit an EA81 front axle - the axle shaft splines are different as the EA81 shaft is much thicker (in the case of the 4WD shafts).


So there is no way that we could have strechy front axles? I'm actually more interested in having 25 spline EA81 front axles so I can slide them on a RX tranny. Any other ideas on getting the fronts to work? Sorry about the semi-hijak.

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