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Got my parts wagon home in one piece

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Thanks to this forum I was able to get my broke down '85 wagon home and my new parts wagon home in one piece. Thought the parts one would break in half before I did. Rear tower was pushed through all the way from rust and there is no sign of a frame left on the car. But what it does ahve is a great drivetrain and intereior, beside being and identical mate to my daily driver.I was able to crank both onto the dolly with the starter trick posted here. I am not new to subaru's but have much to learn. And I am confident I have found the right place here!

Now I need to change timing belts and oil pump,etc. on it. Both cars have 180,000 on them and run pretty good.30 MPG on the driver one but should improve once I tune it. Best vehicles I have ever owned, 'cept for my 1980 fiesta, but that lacked the 4WD!

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If I drive nice with it it gets 30, but usually get 25. I lost ignition last weekend and had to dolly it 60 miles home. I'm hoping its timing belt related and not pickup coil/ distributor related.

The parts bucket I bought (just before my driver died) has a sweet running EA82, but needs oil pump too. Gonna be busy gutting the parts bucket soon to save space in my garage. I had a 1985 DL wagon back in 2000 that got me hooked on Subaru's for life. Was thinking of fabricating a frame for the parts bucket and setting it up for a winter rig.

as a mechanic and autobody tech I should be able to come up with some creative ideas!

The parts bucket is an '86 GL and the driver is an '85 GL

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