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source4bearings4 T belt idler pulleys???

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I'd like to get new bearing and have them pressed into a couple of my idler pulleys (96 DOHC 2.5 OB)....especially the toothed idler...I bet this sucker is costly

Went to car quest..they looked up he bearing numbers I gave them and said no good


Also....is 1st subaru still in existence? I thought they sold OEM parts about 10% over cost.

Someone said there is a difference between the website and calling in (differing prices)


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your best bet would be to get the numbers off the face of the pulleys and any bearing supply house can match those numbers with the correct bearings.


if i were you i'd get an entire set of used pulleys. i'm sure there are plenty lying around, i have some from a 2.5 SOHC sitting somewhere. post in the parts wanted forum or find a junkyard that has a bad motor. or go to a pull it yourself yard and get a set of old pulleys. get these all rebuilt that way you have new pulleys ready to go when you do the timing belt job.

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