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ECU mod for auto to manual trans?

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Is there any ecu signal modification needed when swapping out an auto trans to manual in order to tell the ecu that it is now a manual?


The car is an '87 gl 3-door with spfi.


Have removed the auto trans, installed a 3 pedal assembly and replaced the speedo cable with a longer one. Have the needed color matched trim pieces and longer driveshaft. Keeping the original instrument cluster and just putting black tape over the auto trans indicator part. The d/r replacement trans is almost ready to go in - just need a replacement 4wd switch (long one at the rear of the trans is broken). Getting the donor flywheel resurfaced next week.


For wiring mods, I am jumping the thick black wires in the auto trans connector to enable the neutral position signal to allow starting. Still need to figure out how to wire in the reverse switch for back-up lights.


The d/r trans I am installing just has two switch holes, while the high mileage one from the parts wagon has 3 switches - what's the 3rd one for?

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I did the swap in my 87 GL10 and if you dont have cruise no ECU mods needed, if you do have CRUISE and WANT it to work you have to jump the Identification Pin like I did to enable cruise after the swap.

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