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Tons of manuals and parts sheets, you may want to sticky...

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I found these on the Aussieveedubbers website forum while doing a search for an engine layout for my EJ22, I'm sure they will help other people too. Props go out to Baja Wes, an admin on the forum who posted the links! I haven't checked them all out, but I did find a great deal of info for my EJ22.


Here is a link to a full manual for the EJ22 and EJ22T: http://www.main.experiencetherave.com:8080/subaru_manual_scans/1990-1994_Legacy_Parts_Manual_-_Engine/


Links for full manuals for the EJ22, EA81 and EA82: k&cd=9


Full professional service manual for 2004 Impreza WRX Sti:







http://techinfo.subaru.com/html/index.jsp - A collection of pdf Subaru manuals and service bulletins, the only catch is you have to pay money to view most files.


http://www.saxonfields.freeserve.co.uk/ - this site has the EJ20T service manuals, including wiring diagrams, for pre MY97 vehicles and MY97/MY98 vehicles. On the left bar click 'Scooby page' then when that page loads on the right click 'Workshop Manuals'. There is also a link to fault diagnosos error codes.


http://www.finleyweb.net/default.asp?id=142 - Subaru EJ22 (90-94), EA81 & EA82 Service Manuals


http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/subaruvanagon/files/ - only for Subaru swaps into a Vanagon but a great resource for any Subaru conversion, also has some wiring diagrams.


http://alexcajeaux.users4.50megs.com/subaru/90LegacyShopManuals/Engine/2-7FuelInjectionSystem/ - Wiring / Repair - 2.2L Engine Trouble Diagnostics > Excerpt from Subaru Factory Manual - all about diagnosing engine problems using the OBD-I self diagnostic system, trouble codes, etc. Based on a 1990 2.2L but useful for other years. Must click on individual page numbers one-by-one.


http://www.mygyroplane.com/overhaulej22.pdf - Wiring / Repair - Overhaul EJ22 PDF > A 14 page PDF file with lots of color photos giving basic service information on the Subaru 2.2 liter engine. Includes detailed instructions on changing the timing belt.


http://usmb.net/repair/ - Wiring / Repair - Ultimate Subaru Message Board > SOHC and DOHC, NA and Turbo, wiring diagrams.


http://www.endwrench.com/pdf/elec/FtIgnitionDiagOpS00.pdf - Wiring / Repair - Basic info on Subaru motor ignition system and fault finding.


http://www.ravensblade-impreza.com/modifications/misc/wiring/diagnosisegi.pdf - Wiring / Repair - In depth fault finding of the Subaru EFI system applicable to 1999 and later versions, but some info applies to earlier models




http://volksweb.relitech.com/subaru.htm - Aussie article on an EJ22 DOHC n/a conversion into a watercooled van. The article refers to the motor as a Liberty but I think it is actually from a Japanese Legacy.


http://www.volkswagen.org/Vanagon/EngineSwap.htm - links page


http://www.smallcar.com/sparts.htm - some good pics of exhaust maniflod, J pipe and other conversion parts


http://www.type2.com/library/enginem.htm - type 2 engine conversion links page


http://www.ricola.co.uk/engswaps.htm - RICOLA, kit roadster EJ20T conversion.




http://www.offroadvw.net/vwrx/ - An awesome project...EJ20T with Porsche G50 gearbox


http://www.cnr.colostate.edu/~kevinlh/type3_conversion_to_subaru.htm - Quite informative Type 3 conversion info


http://www.surrealmirage.com/subaru/files/SAE_boxer.pdf - Subaru New Horiziontally Opposed 4-valve Engine - 1989 tech paper by 3 Fuji engineers before release of the EJ20


http://www.mcn.org/b/roadcow/default.html - Roadcow - The first web chronicle of a Subaru Vanagon Conversion

Ron Bloomquist's personal site of his conversion


http://www.cycoactive.com/Urabus/ - Tips of a Subaru conversion - Two brothers install two Subaru Legacy motors in two VW Westies in 12 days with Kennedy adapter kit. Info on the VSS circuit is NOT correct for 1991 and later vehicles!!


http://www.tomcullen.org/Vehicles/Vanagon/vanagon_project.htmVanagon Conversion Project - Step-by-step guide on converting my Vanagon to Subaru power. Wiring Diagrams, KEP's flyer on this conversion, tips, etc...

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if not a sticky, post it in the conversion section under conversion help :)

i am sure they will apreciate it



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