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Seatbelt warning chime on newer subarus

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Origionally posted by spacinjason on nasioc but I thought it would be good to have this info here too:


If you have a newer subaru that the seatbelt chime goes off when the belt isn't buckled (maybe you are just sitting in a parking lot etc.) then this might just be your answer.



Cutoff Function for Seat Belt warning chime

(Works for the 2005 Outbacks and Legacys, too)


Warning: I am in no way responsible for anyone’s safety...just posting this as a convenience.


1. Turn the key to “ON” (not running).


2. Fasten and unfasten the driver’s seat belt 20 times in 30 seconds, starting from when you actually turn on the key. (This will set the passenger seat as well).


3. Turn the ignition on, and you should be set.


4. Setting lasts until the battery is disconnected or the system is otherwise reset.


5. If you want to do this as a temporary thing (just for one driving period), fasten/unfasten the belt 3 times in 6 seconds. The chime will reset the next time the car is started.

smile.gif I got the above info from Scoobytrucks. If you go there to the Baja forum, you will find info on the seatbelt chime. The first time I did it I had tempory success, but chime returned the next day. Second time I did it was a success as I only get an initial six second chime when I start Baja.



'06 Baja T MT

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