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Barry Knickerbocker

Superlite Wheels, set of 4-15x6, 4x140 Aluminum

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We have 2 sets;

(4x) 15x6 4x140 +24mm

Superlite (10 spoke) lk old minilites

They are platinum w/ machined lip and clear coat. $500 for the set, including caps, lugs and valve stems (no rubber) + shipping

2 sets is all we have now, had them for a year need space. If these sell or you may require a different color, these wheels are still available as and when we may need them.

we will ship from Arizona

We have pictures that we can email if you have further interest.

Thank you

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Yes, these are the Australian made Superlites. They are no longer activly marketed to the public, as we are a distributer we have access to them. Each wheel weighs 18lbs, the name superlite comes from minilite the origional maker of this style of wheel.

If these sell we can still get more, if they are ordered


I might be interested in these in a few months...


They're called Superlites, what do they weigh per wheel?

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I would still love to have these, but I've had a whole bunch o' sheeot that's been happening lately, and I dunno if I'll ever scrape the money together for them :(

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