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I'm looking for info on the 2007 Legacy. From what I've found the Legacy

will finally have GPS,stability control and mp3 as options. I don't think there will be any other significant changes but I'm not sure..anyone have

more info?


I haven't found anything on Subaru's Hybrid or if they are even developing



oops,I almost missed this thread on a possible Hybrid:


but I suspect it's true gain in mileage won't be that much better

then a non-hybrid..that's been the case with the accord and the

camry anyway.

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Hybrids get most of their advantage in city driving - if you're on the highway a lot, don't expect any hybrid to be much more economical than a similar all-gas model. Diesel would have an advantage though.


Check http://www.cars101.com and the legacy and 'news/rumors' forums at http://www.nasioc.com also.



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