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Over heating 87 XT MPFI

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noted above - running around for about 20 minutes everything is fine. Get out on the road and the temp starts to climb . Doesn't get into the red but just under. No "rattle" that you'd associate with internal over heating due to rod/ring/oil/etc has been noticed (ok..other than the "normal" Ru rattle). Anyone want to throw out a sugestion? I'm hoping thermostat but Im not oblivious to the fact that the bottom end could be gone - but it only has 156k on the clock and the last Ru I had (79 Wagon) went over 200k before I sold it - and I never went into the engine.


Bill in Denver

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The weak point in the engine is the heads, mostly the head gaskets. Running at high temps will most likely end up blowing the head gaskets.


Things to do:

Replace thermostat & radiator cap

Flush coolant

Check for any leaks

Check the radiator out

Replace radiator if needed.


If you can drive around in the city and not overheat, but once you get onto the highway you do, its most likely a clogged/bad radiator.


Also note: XTs do not share the same radiators as the other EA82s (wagon, sedan, 3 door). I learned this when shopping for an upgraded radiator for my XT Turbo.

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Quick thing to try on a budget:

Step one: Remove T-stat

Step two: refill coolant

Step three: Throw T-stat at Jeffast :headbang:

Step four: test drive.


I had an issue like this with mine... it was stuck half way open, and I was poor, and since its so damn hot anyway, I just took it out for now till I can get to a subbi dealer.

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Sounds like a classic case of a worn out radiator. Cools well at idle and stop and go traffic, but put some power to it for open road speed and temp creeps up. Often you can get some relief (for the engine) by running the heater.


Even if the tubes of the rad are clear, the fins start to corrode away from the tubes.



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Thanks all for the suggestions and I'll attack the thermostat this weekend and report back.


Ok, heres my funny "get it home" story. When it did this (over heating) the 2nd time I was across town. Stopped at a 7/11 and bought a bag of ice, opened it down the middle and dropped it in the cavernous space infront of the rad. Almost made it home before the temp moved up towards the red again.



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