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I hope someone can inspire a solution as this is not turning out too well. We started with an overheating issue. We replaced the radiator, hoses and thermostat. The overheating was not as bad, but continued, so we figured on the water pump. Well it is buried behind the timing belt. We found a way to get the crankshaft bolt off, and pulled the belt. After putting it all back (and ensuring that all were at TDC) the engine now does not start. It sounds like it is a bit slow in firing. We pulled everything and looked and it is fine. We did have to correct it once as in dealing with the crackshaft we skipped a few times.


We are pretty much at a loss. Any thoughts? Thanks a mil!

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Are you using the marked tooth on the back of the crank gear and NOT the arrow on the front? This is a common mistake and then the car will not start.


If you do a search there are several threads that have pictures.

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