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i'm looking to replace my 90 AT legacy with a later 90s MT legacy or maybe forrester. i test drove a 95 L model AWD MT and was disappointed at the noise and roughness and sluggishness on takeoff compared to hondas and nissans. why is this? is there a year they improved it?

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jjou, nice to see a local member. I'm down in Dillsburg :D


IMO, the 95-99 models are slugs compared to the 90-94...at least in acceleration. My friend's 97L AT is horribly slow at the launch compared to my 91L AT. And, we have pretty much the same engine.


Are all 4 tires matching on the car? If they aren't, that could cause issues.


However, if you're looking for fast, a 95-99 Legacy isn't the way to go (Unless it's a 2.5, but then you have the potential for HG issues). If you want fast, try a late 90's Impreza 2.5 RS. Or, try to find an early 90's Legacy Turbo.

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