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Anyone running aftermarket or custom intake manifold?

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I'm kind of tempted to see what Joe would charge to go through the long block and have it shipped directly to him and then to me when he is done. OTOH, I know it would be too much. I am a little rusty, but I can do it myself.


Do you know if Ron's (RAM's) rebuild kits are priced fairly? I have not had time to comparison shop.


Hmm... Maybe I won't have to rebuild it--I just got this from Joe:


Just do a compression check on all cylinders, check to see that the oil is clean, pull the valve covers, if they are clean and not full of flakey crust inside, then run it, but I would replace the oil pump.

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EA81 Engine Parts

Forged Piston Kit....With rings....$515.00

Cast Piston Kit......with rings....$172.52

Turbo Piston Kit.....with rings....$192.52

Add teflon coating...(set of 4)....$67.50


Full Gasket Kit....................$53.65

Main Bearing set...................$38.95

Rod bearing set....................$30.95


New water pump.....................$39.93

New Oil pump.......................$67.43

Stainless Intake Valves-set of 4...$75.00

Head diameter 1.63, 1.66, 1.68,1.7

Stainless Exhaust Valves-set of 4..$75.00

Head Diameters 1.38,1.4,1.42

HP Springs (a must w\hp cam).set of 8...$45.00

Valve Seats-intake and exhaust.ea..$4.73


New HP Cam and Lifter Kit (lifters exchange)....$295.00


Looks like it depends on how far you're going to get into that engine. The forged pistons definately cost. If you plan on going hi-po, and get spendy, you'd might as well build it from ground up, with new main bearings, rings, the whole nine...looks like he sells the whole engine hi-po kit kit for around $1000, which includes forged pistons, hp or torque cam, and everything else.


I think the general prices for water pumps, oil pumps, rings, gaskets are about average to slightly spendy.

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Johnson;779786']Just great' date=' another project for me to put on my list.:headbang:[/quote']


sup Johnson, just so ya know....................... i have all the parts to make 3 or 4 or more of these, just hop on the 5 and exit Portland ! Today so far i have re sized the intake to 1.5 and now i am going to work on the mounts.

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Ill be the 1st one to say it. If you want more power(like we all do) why not just ej swap. You can put just about any subaru engine in these cars. Even the STI engines. Why not go that route.

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There are always plenty of options I have seen a standard manifold cut just before the elbow into the head some square alloy plate welded on amd a pair of SU carbs fitted,problem with this is SU's are vacuum dependant and the firing order is not advantageous for steady vacuum signal.

You could however use a single throttle body on each manifold stub with a custom ECU this would work OK.

A megasquirt or remap an early GM ECU for which software is available on the net then all you have to do is make a water runner.

Single siamesed ports are not the best but not that bad ,after all only one valve is drawing through it at a time the biggest problem is the standard manifold and to some extent the firing order.

Nothing is imposible I know of a BMW four valve K100 motorcycle head adapted to an Morris Cooper 1298 engine with a belt drive to the cams.

Until someone tries we will never know, the Gyro guys use Mikuni's 2 per engine so why not.

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