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Optima Battery Suppliers (Reccomendations?)

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I have a 1993 Legacy Wagon, anyone know of a direct drop in replacement with a Yellow Top Deep Cycle Optima for the stock battery, i.e. it will fit in the current battery area?


Also, there seem to be bunches of retailers for the batteries out there, anyone reccommend one? Or would you reccomend going though someone such as Advanced Auto Parts in order to avoid Shipping.


Has Anyone Ever Tackled installing a second Battery in front of the airbox? I my last post drew some interesting discussion, hopefully this one will brew some as well!





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Optima is owned by Johnson Controls (one of four major battery manufacturers - http://www.jci.com/bg/) but also has their own website - http://www.optimabatteries.com/


They're sold by Pep Boys and other chains. There are other AGM brands on the market, but many of them seem to be the Optima battery with their name on it.


There is an automotive deep cycle version available.

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