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Front axle R&R: what am I getting into?

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'87GLWagon, 4wd. Very, very typical question guys, but I have never done this...I'm in the Seattle area BTW.


Driverside front axle is clacking on hard curves. I assume I need a new axle. How tough is this to R&R? I have mucho experience on cars but can't get a clear picture on this: do I need to remove the axle from the bushing? I wouldn't think so, but?


Any help here much appreciated. Do we have a procedure for this? I do have Larry Evan's "How to...Alive" book.


Many, many thanks.



PS: Anyone in the Seattle area have a set of four wagon wheels for sale?

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State your location and someone possibly will come help/show you. It's about a 45 minute job for a first timer. Pretty easy. If no one offers to help, someone will type up some instructions for you. I would but right now I am short of time. I am "Ebaying" right now....

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tools of the trade.... for reducing the mental stress of it.


the obligitory jack and jackstand and whel chock.


the hammer and punch (that fits inside the center hole of the shafts threaded end) as well as the punch that will push out the pin up near the tranny output shaft.


the castle nut removal and cotter pin in it too.

(good idea to at least break this huge nut loose first before jacking the car upuntil recently i used a good sized monkey wrench and a cheater bar but now i have a 36MM socket Tank Q Okami! :>)


its rather straight forward to accomplish -- just be patient and the top of the hub where the strut attaches with its two bolts and the diskbrake caliper s two bolts, and sometimes that 12mm front anti swap bar bolt (one of the two) is also removed to easy the lowering of the lower A-arm for hammering out the shaft from the hub...


don't forget to grease everything up good when you reinstall and of course inspect the surfaces of the barrings and hub seals to see if a replacement is worthwhile.

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