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GL-10 work bench

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So had this GL-10 that I scrapped and I had the trunk left over.


so with a welder and a butt load of scrap steel around you can built anything..


Took two 2 inch angle pieces and welded then to the rear of the trunk lid.

Took a long 1/2 square tube and welded it between the two angle pieces. This formed the anchoring point for the rear of the table.

Made some braces out of 1" x 1/2" solid bar and then secured them to the 2x4 in my garage. Placed the trunklid on top and then used a c-clamp to secure the braces to the rear bar. Weld to pieces together. Then weld the front of the braces to the trunk lid. I made the table about hip height so it's comfortable to work with while standing up.


Will take pictures tomorrow b/c it's took dark.


welders rule....:headbang:



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ok so here are some pictures.




here is a picture of the brace





One more thing that I did w/some left over parts.

I took a gas tank and some steel wheels and made a parts cleaner.



there part in the cleaner is 1/2 of an ea81 block. Here is the other half all nice and clean.




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yeah. work's been really slow so I have had a lot of time on my hands.


I am proud to be a member of the Crimson Napes.



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