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Ej25 swap in '97 Outback

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I recently blew a nice hole in the block and a local company has a JDM version of the Ej25 that he can sell me. I am quite confident it should fit without any problems into my Outback but is the wiring all the same? Someone also did mention something about the egr which is not on the JDM motor? Anything else I may be missing? Maybe there is some type of tutorial online I could reference? I searched the faq's and numerous posts but they all seem to relate to swapping from one motor size/type to another where as I am just wishing to replace my existing motor itself.


Any drawbacks to buying this motor because it is JDM rather than USDM? The price is right for the JDM motor but I want to make sure as I have not had this Outback for more than 3 weeks :eek:





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Make sure its a DOHC 2.5. If it is swap your intake manifold onto their engine and you eliminate all the wiring concerns. The only other thing is the EGR, if JDM engines dont have it youre going to have to drill and tap the head to accept the EGR pipe.

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