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I just bought a very nice '93 Legacy sedan, and so far I like everything except the stereo. The factory speakers sound fine, but I'd like to put in a new head unit and put an amp & subwoofer that I already have in the trunk. Naturally, I have some questions.


1. How difficult is it to install a standard-size head unit? I've read somewhere that it might be necessary to modify the bezel surrounding the stereo somewhat. Is that true?


2. The factory stereo is bigger than usual. How do I fill the gap that'll be left?


3. How do I remove the stereo?


4. I'd like to run wire under the center console, across the floor behind the front seats, and under tha back seat. How do I remove the center console?


Lastly, how hard is all this? Should I even attempt it myself?

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1st off...welcome aboard


you may or may not need to mod the bezel,it all depends on the aftermarket radio you get.here's the one i had

new_kenwood.JPG (can't remember where i got that storage compartment)


as far as gaps.if you get a decent install kit,there shouldn't be any.


on the removal of the stock radio-1st remove cup holder,then remove the trim bezel around the radio(2 up top and i think after taking out the ash tray you'll see one in the back) there's a total of 6 screws that hold the radio in(4 that you'll see right off cause there right up front and 2 towards the back,1 on either side of radio)


9465S3010011.JPG this might help.with the radio removal an center console removal(partly)

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When I had the same question on my Forester folks told me that storage bins were available. Circuit City sold me one with the installation kit and it is pretty handy, it holds a paperback or three cds.

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yeah, you can get a 1.5DIN pocket. I just had a piece of black plastic in the 1/2 din gap although now I'm looking for something cooler. I used to have a sony cd player that stopped playing cds, so I bought a 6-disc changer from an 05 wrx. Unfortunately it wasn't plug and play, but if you're going to buy something else you'll need to make a harness anyway. The CD player you buy will come with a harness, then you'll need a harness for your car, and will want to splice the wires together.


Here's my writeup of the install. You'll probably also want to check out the rest of that site.

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Heres the easiest way to do this: (unplug negative lead of battery)


Have head unit ready.

Have head unit/vehicle specific wire harness.

Have head unit/vehicle specific trim adapter.

(harness and trim adapter will be available where you bought the head unit)


Removing stock unit is simple and straight forward.


1. Remove surrounding stock trim.


2. Undo the for screws holding the metal tabs on the corners of the device holding stock unit.


3. Pull it out gently.


4. Undo the bolts on side of the "holding" device to free the stock unit.

The only thing attaching the stock unit to the car should be the wires now.


5. Undo the existing wire harness at its clip. Undo power, ground, AUX power, and radio connections. (formats varry)


Now you have removed the stock head unit. Keep it.


To install the new unit:


1. Plug new harness into new after market deck.


2. Plug other end of harness into the half clip from the car.


3. Plug in your radio, power, ground, aux power. (aux power is the power that is always hooked to the deck. Saves your radio setting etc.


4. Line up the deck with the "holding" device. The holes should match up. If they dont drill new ones. Experiment with holes to get the deck the farthest into the dash without getting to close to the heater.


5. Install the aftermarket trim peice(s).




To install an amp and sub things get a little trickier. It really depends on what kinda amp you are running.


Heres the simple version (this only works if you have a headunit with a sub out feature):






- 5ft ground wire (any resonably thick wire)

- 20ft power wire (available at any good hardware store) The sterio companies will gouge you 100 bucks for an amp wiring kit. Its cheap to make. Go to store and purchase 8 - 12 gauge wire. Get about 15 feet of it.

- Inline fuse rated for the gauge wire your using.

- 10ft min. RCA cables. (red and white)

- 15ft speaker wire.

- electrical tape


1. place sub and amp in desired location.


2. run ground wire from amp to frame. Or steel part that eventualy gets to the frame. Dont attach unless your sure its grounded. If done wrong will fry your amp and sub.


3. hook power wire and inline fuse together.


4. hook power wire to + battery lead. Secure tight.


5. attach other end of power wire to amp.


6. run RCA cables from amp to the head unit. (only works if you have a subout)


7. Run speaker wire to your sub from amp. Depending on how many channels your amp is, you might need to bridge it. Im not going to get into it. But you can purchase the kit from the store to easily bridge it. Or read on the net how to ghetto do it. Works the same.


8. Secure everything down. Unplug and trim unnessicary lenghts in wires. Allow some slack.


Your hooked up. Play with settings on your amp and deck to achieve sound you want. Better sound will come of lower resistance power wire and fatter speaker wire. But its not that nesicary.


Amplifing your speakers as well is another great way to increase sound quality and volume. You may experiance interior light dimming. New battery and Alt will cure it. Or a modded pully.


Thats the quick and dirty. LAy your wires under the carpet and threw the fire wall and you cant see any of it. Measure twice cut once. Make sure your grounds are secure. If you smell burning, pull the negative off the battery.

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Thanks everyone, this is all very helpful. The only thing I can't figure out is how the center console comes off. I found the two screws under the lid in the back, but I can't figure out how the front is attached.


I don't know if it matters, but I have a manual transmission.

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