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reverse lights on in all gears..what the?...*sorted*

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as the title says...my reverse lights have decided to turn on in all gears...but not if im in neutral:confused:...anyone else had this?

i had the reverse lights wired up so they worked with the wires on the new trans(FT D/R box)...and this they have done for the past month or so with no problems...until tonight when i put it into 1st and lit up the wall behind where i park.


where is the reverse switch on the FT4wd D/R 'box?....and what the hell would cause it to to turn on the reverse lights in all gears


cheers for any ideas

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+1 for GD


get out a multimeter or test light and try the different pins on the plug coming off the gearbox till you find the reverse switch wire, swap it over and will all be good

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