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I recall seeing that at least one person on this forum hails from Salt Lake City...if you're that person (or one of those people), do you have a reliable mechanic (not a dealer) in town?




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I haven't had to get much work done on my car, and with the help of sites like this I've started doing a lot more of my own wrenching. I had a good experience with GT Automotive back when they were in Murray. They have since moved to South Jordan and I think their rates have climbed to pay for that shiny new shop.


I have heard good things about A&C Automotive, I think the guy to talk to there is Charlie.


Nate Wade (dealership) has in my experience done a decent job on more complex things and screwed up easy things, mixed bag.


For brake work I've had good luck with the Midas at 6180 South State.


What kind of work do you need done?



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I'll be needing some emissions work done at some point. I'm getting a recurring p0420 code combined w/an EGR flow code but may be moving to Montana before my inspection is due...I don't have to deal w/inspection up there.


I'm also getting valve noise or piston slap for a few minutes when the engine is cold. I don't know if I should have a mechanic check it out or not. It goes away shortly and the engine still runs like a top (at 203k+ miles).


GT Automotive replaced my head gasket. It was expensive but a very complete service. The engine burns alot of oil but doesn't leak a drop of anything. I plan on keeping the car a few more years so I'd like to correct any minor problems before they become major ones.


Thanks for your reply.

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