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Installing 4WD transmission on a EA82 Leone

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Gidday fellas,

Since I missed out the sale on that Wagon with the snapped timing belt, and gotten me thinking after I saw a good nick 1985 EA82 Subaru Leone Royle with Power Steering, Air Cond., Sun Roof, 5 spd manual etc. but its a FWD version, If I do buy it and do a project on it by installing 4WD transmission from wrecking 4WD Wagon (from someone that i know who has rusty one from the backyard which is sitting there doing nothing), by taking off the transmission, drive shaft, rear diff & CV joints and install on the Leone to make it into a 4WD.


Does anyone have photos, explaination of how to do it? I know that its possible that this question might have been asked before. But I wanted to know if its a good project to do on. And do I have to cut out somewhere for the 4WD shifter?


Subaru RX are pretty un-common on the roads here in Australia, I would say I would see around 3 - 5 of them per year.


Secondly, LSD Diff - are there some on Subaru Brumby¿? (aka Brat)

If I do find an LSD diff and put it on the Leone - is it worth doing that?


My future is to use it for 4WD/weekender car. Also I wanted a Sedan because I already have a wagon myself.


Thankyou for asking my questions, and sorry if I sounded like "Mr Don't know about Subarus!" heh but really i do know a lot about cars



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Several here on the board have done the FWD/4WD conversion, not sure if there is a write up. I'm sure they can give you insight. Definately easier to start with a 4WD, then you can put your time and energy into other mods, not to mention the downtime. I'm pretty sure you will need the 4WD flywheel and clutch and possibly the trans crossmember. Also the carrier bearing will need a mount and there are some of the mounting bolts in the rear area that will need to be drilled through the frame/unibody.


If you can get a LSD, it is definately worth installing. Especially if your in loose dirt/sand, muddy or steep rough conditions. Really anytime off road it's a advantage. It can always be added later too, after the 4WD conversion, they are easy to bolt in.


Good luck and keep us posted with your progress.

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the dual range 5spd has a 3.9 gear. the single range and automatics have a 3.7 gear. the rx has a 3.7 gear.

the lsd comes as a 3.7 gear, but the gears can be changed out and the lsd can be converted to a 3.9 gear, for use with a dual range transmission.


you will have to make a mount for the carrier bearing of the driveshaft.


you will have to drill holes and install long bolts for the rear diff hanger, but the holes are already stamped in the fram(you will see once you take a look)


the shifter will mount and match the hole, and all the MT center console will swap over and appear stock.


if the car is automatic, you will need the transmission crossmmeber and the bolts that go with, you will remove 2 fram bolts, and the crossmember goes there. if the car is already a manual transmission(fwd), then the crossmember will not have to be changed out.


you can swap the entire rear suspension assembly, you will have to disconnect some brake lines, and the main(rubber) fuel line from the tank will have to be pinched off, because it runs to a metal pipe affixed to the frame of the suspension itself


the one i helped put together was a 2wd auto sedan converted to a 4wd 5spd dual range.

aside from the carrier bearing and drilling the rear diff hanger holes, everything will bolt up as if it was stock

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