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1. Where can I get an aftermarket repair/maintenance manual for 99 Legacy Wagon L (not Outback)? Haynes has 95-98 year manual, which doesn't seem to cover the '99 engine.

2. Air filter replacement: I unclasped the three visible clasps on the filter case (on my engine it is an elongated black box not far from the firewall and parallel to it.


Would appreciate any info.:confused:

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Sorry, I left the 2nd question in the middle.


So the air filter box is not opening up after undoing the three snaps. Am I missing something? Is there a fourth or something else must be unbolted? Owners manual is not helpful.


One more question. Is there any truth to motor oils for "high mileage" cars? It costs about the same as synthetic blend or about $2.50-$2.70 US. Is it more economical for a 130K mi Legacy ('99) or just plain petro-based oil is just as good? Or is it better to go full synthetic? I live in NJ bu my daily driving is close to 100 mi, mostly high speed highway. I had a '95 Legacy Brighton, put 185K mi on it with full synthetic oil until it was hit hard from the rear and totalled. The engine run really smooth with oil changes between 5 and 6 K miles.:confused:

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We have a 99 outback and the 98 manual covers it pretty well AFAIK.


I find it is easier to disconnect the big hose connected to the hose that connects to the MAF. Then unlatch the clips and push the top of the airbox towards the engine.


I think the high mileage oils have additives to swell the seals. I would stick to dino at that mileage. If your car leaks oil replace the seals.

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