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86 GL-10 engine swap, possible to ditch the turbo?

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Wondering if its possible to direct swap a non-turbo MPFI EA-82 into an '86 GL-10 that has a dead MPFI EA-82 Turbo engine?


any wiring harness / ecu issues?


For that matter, could I swap in an SPFI EA-82 into the car?


again, any wireing harness / ecu issues?


I'm having a hard time finding a good used EA-82 (MPFI w/turbo) engine, but I am finding lots of EA-82 (MPFI w/o turbo) engines


thanks in advance!

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easiest way would be to keep the intake manifold and just swap blocks. then you'd also need a non-turbo exhaust manifold and all the non-turbo intake hoses to attach to the throttle body and MAF sensor.


i know the wiring had some changes from 86-87 so if you wanted to swap the entire engine including the intake manifold that might have some issues. but you could probably just install your existing 86 wiring harness onto what ever engine you get....assuming all things equal of course MPFI for instance.


i had some issues with my 87.5 XT turbo to non-turbo engine swap but it was mostly due to the fact that the 87.5 XT is a rare engine among other things...

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