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carb EA82 to carb EA81 swap, need info on this swap

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hi, i have an 87 EA82 GL wagon carborated, and i needed a new engine for it... i found an "86 suby hatchback" so i called, and it also was carbed, i didnt know that they changed engine models in 87, i had to work yesterday, so a friend went down and did all of the dealing for me, he thought it was the same motor as i had, but after i got home the car was already in the driveway, so i looked to make sure it was the right engine, and, lol, a big EA81 was stamped on the engine block.


anyway, now that i have the car, i already pulled the engine, just got done doing that, i still have the whole car siting here, what all will i need to take of the car to make this engine work on my EA82 wagon? and what will i need to know as im doing the swap? any hints/tips? i will need to get this out of my yard and to the crusher soon, so any help is apreciated, thanks.


PS if anyone needs ea81 hatchback parts ill sell them for cheap! it was a 2wd auto tranny.

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Save the doors off the hatch if you have space for them - they are the same as Brat doors, and aren't real easy to come by. Lots of Brat folks that might want them. Also if the rear window latches are good take those off as they are rare and break easy. Remove any lights and lenses that are good. Hatch's are the second most popular EA81 body besides the Brat - lots of folks looking for them. You might even ask around on the board here and see if someone has an EA82 they might trade you. The Hatch is worth more as a complete car.


Engine should just bolt up pretty much. You will have to use the EA82 flywheel and clutch assembly - just put the flywheel up there, and you'll see where to grind on the bottom of the bell-housing for it to fit.


Use the EA82 manifold and carb - theres a few spots to grind to make the fit as well, but nothing serious. Just fit it on and you will see.



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