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lifted, get wider offset, or keep the pugs?

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Shout out to all y'all with lifted rides, :wave:


How stable are your cars with 27-28" MT's on 14" pug's when compared with 28-29" MT's on Chevy six lug's?


I'm going up 3" in my turbowagon, and I'd like to hear other opinions about stability at highway speeds and crawling, I've driven a lifted 82' wagon with the six lug and 28's, it felt very solid, but I've never been sideways in something with big tires and pug's.


Could I get away with keeping the pug steelies and just going to bigger tires without feeling too tipsy drifting at boost?


Again, is the difference in stability between the pug's, and the wider offset, chevy/yota rims, really all that different?


I've been pondering this issue for almost a month now, and I'm still undecided. your opinions are much appreciated.

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just from my experiences with lifted vehicles in general.. i prefer the wider offset and wider tires, somethin that sticks out a little bit.. gives it a more solid feeling when cornering, crawlin sideways, etc... this lifted hatch with the pugs is nice, but it feels like they're too skinny.. and deffinitely don't stick out far enough..


when these tires wear out i'm doin a 6-lug conversion for sure...


besides the wider they are and the more they stick out the more mud they sling :banana:

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