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87 GL-10 Turbo AT Rear end falls when...

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Rear end air bag struts (both) fall over night BUT: last night I put on the raise height switch and they didn't fall! What's going on here??


If I have to replace can you change one end only (rear) over to just springs, as in some posts, or do you need struts?


Or do you have to change all 4 if you are converting to non air set up?

Any info appreciated!! Only has 84k miles!



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Change all four and get it over with. Air ride is a pain in the rump roast when it gets to be 20 years old, but then again, many things are a pain in the rump roast when they're 20 :)


Just get four Junkyard strut/spring combos from the wrecking yard and slap them in there. Easy.


Mine was converted from air ride to standard struts, then to XT6 parts, then to XT6/legacy mix with adjustable coilovers. About to go 100% Impreza/Legacy stuff

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